krismunroes: Omg great blog! :3 i love small rooms lol. have any good/trendy teen ones that are just a small box kinda room? :$ thanks <3

sorry for late reply„hunn„^^”






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reflectionsinglassslippers: I really love your blog! This may be a silly question, but I really liked the rag wreath in the Halloween section. What do you mean when you say, "Tie them around in wire wreath form?" Thanks!

thank you for loving my blog„,sorry for my unclear instructions,…^^..what i meant was„, "Tie the strips in knots all around your wreath form. (Double knot them so they don’t come apart.)”

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la--gauche: your blog is PERFECT!! x

thank you so much~^^~

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Halloween Ideas!

halloween garland::Find three clip art Halloween images online, and print them out at full size. Trace the images onto poster board to make a template, and cut them out. Using your templates, draw the images onto black construction paper and cut out. String the three images together, alternating the order, by taping the yarn to the backs of the paper. (via fortytworoads)

Have a blazing good time on Halloween with flaming pumpkins! For flame stencil and full instructions click here.

Crafty little spider! ( via )

spider ice cubes…(via fahrenheit350)

Recycled Haunted Houses.::Thoroughly rinse and dry milk cartons, and then cover cartons with newspaper. Once the newspaper is glued on, paint windows and doors onto cardstock and attach them to the front of the milk cartons.Fill the cartons with candy and let your kids break into them after Halloween.( via littlelovely )

All you need are some glass jars or vases, gauze and googly eyes. Tape a gauze end to the top of the glass, then wrap and twist as you wind your way down the jar. A dab of glue will hold the gauze in place and affix the googly eyes. ( via hisugarplum)

Lengths of black ribbon and yarn are all it takes to add shadowy webs to your front windows. Dangle a couple crawling critters from the roofline.spiders are easily crafted from foam balls, black spray paint, and chenille stems.

Halloween Painted Jar Luminaries  (via craftsbyamanda)

rag wreath:::get 1/2 yard of fabric in about 5 different kinds. You can always use less in variety but still have about 2 and half yards in material. Cut or rip them in strips about 7 inches long and 1 wide. Tie them around in wire wreath form. Double knot them so they don’t come apart. (via sassysanctuary)

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