jointhefeeling: Hi! My room is very normal size, square and have a door... any ideas? I'm totally lost D:


here ‘s a content of all the decor tips and ideas„for example

 if you like bohemian style

 Decorating Without Damage ::dorm/rental apartment

 no-budget decorating ideas

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two3-5seven: Forest room? Xx
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whinycherub: Do you have any ideas on brightening up a small, dark bathroom? Your blog has helped me fix the rest of my apartment, but the bathroom is still a cave!! :) Thanks in advance~

Hi~^^~ sorry for late reply„,

check out my post here

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kimmielove: hi there :) my name is kim, and i'm stuck for ideas as to how to decorate my room! i have a small squared-shape room; beige, tall walls, white ceiling, ivory colored wooden floor planks; and a large window. The current furniture that i have are simple: a desk, a double bed, a tall mirror and a night table. no decorations or anything, i'd like to liven it up, with some colors, decor, fairy lights, etc. my style is neat and clean, yet comfy and homey. what would you suggest? please and thank you<3

hi Kim„,^^„,first of all„,abt your tall wall„,When you lie in bed, do you see a bland, blank surface? if so you can add architectural elements in the form of beams or moldings or use a decorative paint treatment.

a canopy or tented bed with dressing that hangs from the ceiling can envelope you in sensuality and warmth while adding texture, design, and color to the ceiling. 

a tall headboard will help to visibly bring it down to size.and it can keep your bed from looking lost in a bedroom with high ceilings. Four tufted panels create a very tall headboard. This is a good trick for matching the scale of a room with very high ceilings. it leaves plenty of room for a seriously designed bedscape: tall pillows, shams and a big bolster have plenty of room and a strong backdrop.

Outfit your bedroom with beautiful fabrics and add other sensual feeling fabrics through the bedroom with a soft mohair or cashmere throw on the arm of a reading chair, cover the walls with silk or textured wall coverings, hang silk draperies or a silk bed canopy, or add plush floor coverings.

Ambient lighting light the whole room, small lamps can focus light for reading and other activities, and accent light helps to wash the walls in soft illumination







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turtletorres: Hi~~ Any ideas on how to liven up my room. The walls are a shade of green called grasshopper which is supposed to look light but it looks rather dark. Any ideas or suggestions would be great! Thanks!

black and white work for any room color„„,some more option would be

With the dark green„ you can go 2 ways:::white for accent,and a pale yellow,with oranges or rust colors.For the lime green,white,turquoise yellow or grays.

Use solid colors for larger items and accessorize with themed pieces. (Furniture in solid colors or stains adapt to different designs more easily than patterned pieces.)


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