Storage ideas for small rooms

Living in an apartment or small room, space is important and keeping things organized while pleasing to the eye can.Here are around 20 ideas that could take your storage from drab to fab or just to something clear and organized.

When attached to the underside of a desk, a kitchen basket is perfect for corralling cords.

PVC shoe storage

store your wrapping paper on your closet ceiling.

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pitymehorizontally: so i recently re painted my room a bright turquoise, and everything else in the room is black in white. Im really happy with it except for ONE wall thats like completely blank. I wanted to know some cool "hipster" ideas to put up on that wall? any suggestions? :)

here’s some inspirations„,^^„,

creative ways to display your photos

Creative Temporary Wall Covering Ideas

Creative Temporary Wall Covering Ideas (PART II)

How to Decorate with Clothing

Window Treatments Where There Aren’t Windows

tell me if these posts aint what you’r looking for„,or if your need any help„ok?? ^^…

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jeneffingwen: Hi! I was wondering if you could link me to one of your rooms? It's futons on the floor, with clothes hanging near the window. I can't find it :(

not sure which one u r talking abt though„„

check my archive?? if u cant find it lemme know„^^

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c-arola: Hi im re-doing my room and i want to do it kind of an indian theme, with lots of coulour and patterns but like on a conservtive background if that makes sense? kind of like the room in this photo post/10084198737, I have a walk in wardrobe, a dresses and a king single bed so i need advice on wall coulours and wear should i look for furniture and acessories?? and overall I really need help because im so lost!! PLEASE HELP thanks oh and i love your blog! xx

thank you for loving my blog„,for the furniture„look at the pic closely and you will find that its jus a simple (very normal) furniture„,the thing that makes it look WOW is actually all the color and pattern„,i don think u should buy anything„,(sound like im a cheap person,but im not„LOL„)anyway„all u need is to find decoration item„like throwing pillow„bedsheets„,or something like that„(for boho theme)„,by the way,the lamp in that photo„,u can actually jus wrap u existed lamp with some beautiful fabric (Sheer fabric allow a majority of light to be transmitted through) it looks gorgeous„,im telling u„,

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musiciansingirdles: hello! I was wondering, do you have anything with secretaires? :)
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jessicaskisses: Thank you very much for the conservatory looks, honey! For ours, what colours do you think would be best to tie in with pastel pink sofas? x

no problem ^^

well„,Most neutral colors blend well with pink for decorations,

or u can go with the same shade. Pink can range from pale pastel/almost white to bold fuchsia, and numerous nuances in-between. here’s few little things you could do


if i were you this is what i would do::

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glitterinyourveins: Heyya, do you have any small bedrooms with white furniture?
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