t33gz-deactivated20111223-deact: I'm moving in the next month and looking for clever storage/decorating ideas! My new room is tiny - like, 111 inches x 133 inches - SUPER SUPER small. Help? I'm lost as to what I can do to have extra storage!

hi~ check out this post for decorating„,and i’ll will post some storage idea for small apartment/room tomorrow„^^

check out these posts„,if u r bored„and don forget to check out my blog tomorrow„ok?? ^^„,

this post is for decorating dorm rooms„,

this post is for no-budget decor ideas„,

IDEAS::Decorating Without Damage ::rental room

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jessicaskisses: Hi there! Just another smallrooms addict. You're inspirational, my love!<3 I just wanted to ask, have you got anything on conservatories? Muchos love and addiction xx
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dashofrose: me and my sis will share a bedroom. I think we wanna settle for a full/queen bedroom. I love urban outfitters style. The only thing with urban outfitter is that for the bedroom I cant seen to find the bottom part(frames?) just the headboard so I don't know if it is already included or you just put your mattresses on the floor? Do you know where you can shop online similar to urban outfitters? Not to expensive since I am a college student.
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maggotsinherteeth-deactivated20: Any ideas for *very* small rooms? I have a queen bed and it looks like it's gonna take up a lot of space in my new room.

The key is good furniture placement. Push your queen bed against a wall. The closer you move the bed to a wall, window or corner, the better. By doing this, you free up space around the bed for other furniture and create room to move around. Avoid moving the bed to the center of the room even if it looks more appealing as this reduces floor space and restricts traffic flow. Consider a floating nightstand that attaches to your headboard or the wall on either side, instead of bedside tables that occupy floor space.

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style-castle: Could you post some photos of some lofts/attics please?x
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urofllasti: Can you send me the link to the picture hat girl just asked for? The bed with the yellow sheets on the wood thing? Because I don't know where the picture is to get the click through link

sure can„^^„


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