ka51dy: thank you so much for replying about my desk request, but i cant click on anything! :/

lol„you hav to go to my blog„,click checkbox::requests you will find your request there„if u click the link on your dash it wont redirect to anything. 

i try my best to make it easy for the reader to find there requests later„in case they ain’t online when i post the pics for them„,^^„, 

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pinkpaws: hey! i really enjoy your blog. :) i was wondering. i have a bedroom (completely empty at the moment) and i want a simple design, nothing messy, but still cute. the room has a wooden door and on the other side a balcony, what could i do in the room, and what can i do with a small balcony. the balcony's door is wood and opens into the room. thanks! :)

hi~thank you„glad you enjoy my blog„^^„here are two things that are very important before doing anything to your balcony. First, the limitations of space. you would want the table enough to not take a large part of space. Second, the budget.don go out and buy new stuff yet„,u might already have what your are looking for in your home. or check out garage sale/

here are some pictures to inspire you, 

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