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theblackcatmagictrap: hi i was wondering if you could tell me where you got this photo? post/10281521675 what magazine, which edition and do you know where the furniture and accessories are from???? thanks so much! xx

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locturann: Hiiii. I just found you today and look through your blog like crazy XD. Just too much ideas in here. you're totally amazing! And may I ask for your advice? I just wanna paint my boring white bedroom sooooo bad!, Im thinking of some deep colors like dark grey and dark blue. Will it works with a really small bedroom? Thank you ^^

People are often concerned about using dark colors in a small room..however„„there’s a trick…strategy was Use contrasting paint to give the illusion of a larger space by making the walls simply disappear…. 

adding a significant amount of white in your furnishings, linens, and artwork will balance the look, and keep a dark room from feeling too dark.

Your safest bets are blacks, charcoals, navy blues, and deep chocolaty browns. 

here are some example (paint colour schemes)

BLUE::To compliment a blue room, white furniture really pops out.

GRAY::Bright red furniture will really stand out in a silver or grey

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s-p-r-i-n-g: i love your blog! i think i've reblogged every single thing you've posted :p

awww,thank u so much

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cotton-whiskers: I reblogged a post of yours of a bed i love. It was basicly a dresser with a little shelter on top of it, and inside was a matress that had yellow sheets on it. and a little white cover that hangs over it. The structure was made of wood, i have been looking for a new bed and wondered if you have any idea where you found that picture

u mean this pic?? 

actually u can jus click it„,coz i set a click-through the source website. 

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