straw--berrii: I have a really difficult room to decorate. I have a slanted wall that almost touches my floor and takes up a lot of space. I only have one window, and it's on the only two flat walls I have. I have a full size bed, two fish tanks, a desk, a tv, a dresser (which i'm swapping for a smaller one) and a couch. My question is, do you have any tips or photos to help me decorate and utilize all the space I have? My main concern is the slanted wall and I can't find any pictures.

sorry for late reply„,actually all your furnitures„,for example„the bad„,you don hav to place your bed directly against a wall„you can place your bed in a corner„

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Creative ideas to organize your accessories

Arranging our collections and using what we already have is one of the most satisfying dynamics of interior styling. These are just a few of the creative ways I store/organize my stuffs and some more ideas, i gathered from , I’d love to share with you here today. 

Many commonly used items around the house can simply be repurposed and made to fill a different role. It just takes a little imagination. just try to forget the item’s intended purpose and see if it would suit you better if it functioned as something entirely different.All you really need to do is look around your home, and many times you will find things to use in a new and charming way.I hope you have found some inspiration here today. 

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illstandrightbesideyou: OK, thank you so much for helping me. When my room is ready I will show you how it looks. Thank you again, i love your blog. hugs&kisses

You’re Welcome, Glad i Could Help.„,

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myheftyhideaway: Hi! My friend and I will be moving into an itty bitty one room apartment in a few months and have entertained the idea of getting a full over full bunk bed. Do you know of any ways to make a bunk bed like that look less odd? Perhaps a few pictures of rooms that make it work? I would appreciate it greatly!

P.S. I love your blog and take many notes from it ^.0

im so soo sooo sorry for late reply„,^^”

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