sohumanoid-deactivated20120203: Purple themed rooms please?

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une-vie-simple-deactivated20130: Hey dear, love your blog : ) I thought you might help me out. We're moving into our new house and I bought white furniture, any ideas how to decorate, so that my room will look a little colourful? -xoxo

Curtains and drapes are an excellent and easy way to bring color into a bedroom. You can find window treatments at any discount department store, and they’re easy to make can make curtains out of any fabric you want, even old patterned or newly bleached or tie-dyed will be cheaper to buy new sheets, so buy an extra set in a bright color or unexpected pattern. You can also try dyeing them for a more economical solution.

 Plants add color and life and can even improve air quality.

Buy colorful candies like M&Ms or Sour Patch Kids from your dining hall, and pour them into clear bottles or bowls for extra color.

You can change the color of bigger things like your bedspread and then small things like your pillow cases, picture frames, and accessories. 

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illstandrightbesideyou: you can post some ideas of colors for rooms young people? Thank You

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bedroom color ideas
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sofiabonhamrosehasmoved-deactiv: I just read what you wrote about too much red stimulating your appetite and was just wondering, are there colours for not stimulating appetite, to decrease and such?

Different colors affect your eating habits in different ways. Some colors stimulate your desire to eat, while others suppress it.

People gravitate to colors that commonly occur in nature, like green, red, yellow and orange

Blue suppresses the appetite more than any other color.The aversion to blue can help you eat less by suppressing your desire to overeat.

Serve your food on a blue plate, set on a blue table cloth with a blue napkin. Surrounding yourself in the color will subdue your appetite and help you feel calm and focused on your food. Blue is a gentle, soothing color and it helps you feel relaxed. Black, green and lavender also suppress a desire to overeat. The more you can focus on your food and take your time dining, the less likely you are to overeat.

Creating a peaceful environment in which to eat is an important part of weight loss, and if you plan to use colors to suppress your appetite, use them in your dining space. Blue, light green and lavender have a calming effect, while red and orange stimulate the appetite. Decorate your dining area with the calming colors to have an easier time controlling your food intake

Replace the light bulb in your refrigerator with one that is blue-tinted, suppressing your desire to snack every time you open the door. 

Get motivated to drink water by adding red or orange food coloring or serve it in a red or orange glass. These colors stimulate your emotions and appetite, encouraging you to reach for the water frequently. This will keep you hydrated and fill your stomach, preventing you from consuming excess calories. 

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