thesetemptingthoughtss: LOVE your blog. I'm turning 19 and I want to re-decorate my room from girly pre-teen to a mature yet stylish look. Any ideas?

Hello and sorry for the late reply. Hope I’m not too late and you didn’t already finished decorating your room….^^

For the best overall result, stay away from extremely pastel colors„like light pink and pastel yellows, but these colors can look more childish and washed out.  If you want your room to look attractive and mature, look for shades of brown, turquoise, deep purple, or dark red. These colors still look feminine, trendy, and stylish, but they will add a richer and more vibrant tone to a girl’s room.

 The best choice for a bedroom wall for a teenage girl’s room is a muted jewel tone. These soft color shades would include: mocha, amber, turquoise, amethyst, and ruby. It is important that these color tones stay on the lighter side, because dark walls will inevitably shrink the room.

A mature and feminine touch to the room would be to mount an ornate mirror. These can often be purchased for a very reasonable price, and you can always paint the frame around the mirror in a silver metallic finish.

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whimsicalepiphany: Any ideas for a girls room that can transition from childhood to the teen years?

Many teen girls prefer themes that are still playful but more contemporary and sophisticated than most childhood bedrooms.instead of overwhelming the room with the motif or pattern, incorporate it through various accents, such as matching the bedspread, lampshade, wall art and storage containers.

 Color can be a decorating theme in itself and a good jumping off point for room design. The bed is probably the largest single object in any teen’s room and may become a focal point when decorated with a painted headboard.

 An older teen may appreciate the atmosphere that a particular decor style provides. For example,Shabby chic decor style. Use a light cream color on the walls, as the lighter the color, the larger the room will appear. Paint furniture and woodwork white for a clean, fresh look. Dress the bed with a patchwork comforter and pretty floral fabrics in soft, pastel shades with lace accents. Hunt in thrift stores, antique shops and flea markets for vintage accessories such as bedside lamps, photo frames and perfume bottles to sit on the dressing table. A vintage-style mirror is a great accessory that helps make a room appear larger.

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myname-is-cat-deactivated201408: was hoping you could help? my bedroom is so plain. its white, very high ceiling, wooden floorboards, build in wooden wardrobe and shelves. the only furnite we have in the is a bed and white chest of draws.. we cant really paint it as its rented.. just need some ideas of how to make it more homely and fun? thanks

check out here„,for some inspirations„^^

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illstandrightbesideyou: Hi again, haha ​​I'd like a great idea for my room. He is very small and I would like to get the wardrobe and make a mini closet, but not with the door or something. I would like to do something like his last post''How Decorate Your Room With Clothing''. If you can help me, I'll be very grateful! I love your blog! Hugs&Kisses

no problem.  I’d be more than happy to help you and answer all your questions.

here are some tips to get your closet in shape quickly and efficiently.

  • Group like with like
  • Hang and stack by color
  • Separate out undies

here is an alternative to the wardrobe and if does not want to add any more furniture to your bedroom.„,there still may be space in a corner that you can use to create a closet. Use a curtain and a screen to keep the hanging clothing out of sight.

Another way to do this is to attach a rod from one side of the room to the other and use decorative panels or screen to hide it away. This will provide a large closet and also provide floor space for storing shoes and other items.

Another great option is a rolling clothes rack. While it satisfies the need to store certain items that cannot be folded or tucked away,this can look good if you keep the items you hang looking neat.

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photojeniiic: what color of christmas lights suits red wall? :D

White or clear lights work best in any bedroom, or Add a splash of color with multi-colored lights, but blue lights can also be a good choice depending on the rest of the room’s decor.

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