photojeniiic: what color of christmas lights suits red wall? :D

White or clear lights work best in any bedroom, or Add a splash of color with multi-colored lights, but blue lights can also be a good choice depending on the rest of the room’s decor.

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katalysis: in relation to my previous request about 'hacienda' style rooms, can you also tell me the general term that is applied to that style? i just appropriated that, i'm not sure what kind of style that room you posted was

im not really sure but i think its “villa chateau”

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katalysis: hi! can i request for some hacienda-type (even ranch, i guess) rooms and interiors please? something near to the one you posted here: post/10272253900. That was really lovely and something I was really looking for! Thank you in advance!
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bambiibitch: I love your blog heaps so I put you on my favourites list :) xx bambiibitch(tumblrcom)/favourites

Thank you so much~!!„,^^„„

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sebastianmylove: Hi, I love your blog and I've pulled so many ideas from it! I'm thinking of redecorating my room and I'm such a big fan of light purple colors like lilac, sky blue and pale yellow. How would you incorporate those colors into a room? And can you give any ideas how to organize a space to put clothes outside of the closet?

Thank you so much for loving my blog <3

How to Decorate your Home with Clothing

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How to Decorate your Home with Clothing

Do You Decorate Your Room Like You Dress?

Fashion is the art that we wear everyday to express who we arefashion inspires the way that we decorate our homes.

 How can we decorate with clothes? It is very simple. Just try these beautiful creations as they really are … works of art.

Clothing may be hung on display for functional reasons ,for example lack of storage space or simply as works of art that shown off for all to see. 

People who don’t have a lot of closet space might want to get creative about displaying the clothes that they wear instead of storing them.

Adding a dress form to your space gives you a great opportunity for displaying stunning clothing that you never actually get to wear anywhere. 

Put a collection of clothing or accessories on display on a bookshelf or cube-style display case. 

Group them together carefully to show them off while accentuating the rest of the home. 

We can frame them, apply them on walls and even combine them with other clothes to give life to unique compositions that enhance our rooms. 

Clothing doesn’t have to hang alone on the wall as a central piece of art„u can hang with photos, cases, accessories and etc. 

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