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uunusual-deactivated20111124-de: i asked you bout you never answered... =/

omg„,really??? so so sorry„ I always have over 200 questions in the ask box so I mess up from time to time..really sorry„u can ask me again„if u want to„,^^”

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shan-francisco: Hi, I love your blog! Could you please post some 18th-century styled bedrooms? :)
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shhiu: Hi! I love your blog! Want to remodel my bedroom but I'm out of ideas. My bedroom is like a small square and the floor is a dark wood and I can not change it now. My big problem is that I have in my bedroom for all my clothes, my desk with my books. I have no ideas how I can get all my stuff and my bedroom look good. Please help me. Can you give me some ideas? Rita (Portugal)

Currently, the look of hardwood is very in vogue. but if u hate it you can easily layer the floor with an area rug on hardwood.In a small bedroom, layering your flooring will provide a rich style and cohesive look.Area rugs are an ideal item for a small room because an average rug will cover a large part of the floor that is 60-70 % of the area of your small bedroom. For example, if your bedroom is 100 square feet, look for a rug that is 60 to 70 square feet. It should loosely follow the dimensions of your room, so if you have a square room, look for a square rug.

You will need to work the colors of your bedroom’s decor into your flooring. I think that creating a colour sheme that has continuity, you will be fine.In a small bedroom, space is very limited…so u should avoid unnecessary items and busy patterns. And don’t stuff your bedroom with furniture.limiting furnishings and accessories..for example„eliminating nightstands and installing a small shelf on each side of the bed..Consider under-bed storage, built-ins, closet organizers, multipurpose furniture the doubles as storage. Use vertical space with tall, narrow shelves or install floating shelves.

For cloths„,If you’ve run out of hanging space, install shelves above your closet rod and neatly fold your clothes onto the shelves.

You can avoid the trap of having all your furniture flanking the walls of the room by adding a trunk at the foot of the bed for storing books or stuff like that

Hope these help you get some ideas to decorate your bedroom„,^^„,

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