lucindasawyer: Do you have any pictures/blogs to follow for uni student room organisation ideas? I'm going in two weeks, thanks! I love your blog + have been following for a while now.
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thhhunderstorms: so well I don't know how this wood stuff on the ceiling is called...haha but could you post some photos of bedrooms with that? :)

u mean Wood ceiling panels ???

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mynextbestfriend: Hi! I'm sure you get a ton of messages- but it would mean the world to me if you would check out my blog. The idea is to match people together to make new friends and feel less alone in their everyday lives. Just answering this ask and letting people know this blog exists could make a huge difference in one of your followers lives! Thanks for even considering and have an amazing amazing day <3

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downalittlebackr0add: do you have any ideas on window coverings for an apt but can't put an extension rod in. Don't wanna make huge holes in my walls

u can use velcro or 3m command hooks„ read how to use it here

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IDEAS::Decorating Without Damage ::dorm/rental apartment

creative windows blinds


a nightstand, Storage and shelving unit:::::convenient placement of a small lamp, alarm clock, glasses„multifunction and movable)

used spray adhesive to upholster a lampshade with the vintage needlework or your fav scarves.

scarf curtain.

wooden spool Picture-holder

a fantastic small-space solution for both dorms and apartments. The bookcase doubles as a headboard. It adds not only floorspace, but also some visual interest to the room.


Vinyl Record Bookends

Using wall space to store chairs has regained popularity, especially in homes that lack sufficient

storage areas.

(Dorm) Fits under your mattress for easy access.don u just hate„ digging cell phone out from between a 600 pound bed and the wall?

simple and functional ideas to inspire

Genius! trays as magnet boards —

Mini greenhouse

a long, plastic tub for under bed storage

(Source: smallrooms)

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