shalllawg: put some big square baskets, maybe 3 in a row and keep your things in it. easy to categorize and it makes things look extremely neat :P

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beasurvivor: I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your blog with us tumblrs. It's beautiful, neat, and inspiring. Please keep it up!

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cuehappiness: Love the blog :) I'm working on re-organizing my desk and the area around it and was wondering if you could point me in a direction that might spark some ideas? Thanks :) Have a wonderful day !
  1. here
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  3. here

hope you like them„^^„

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shimmeringbones: Love your blog. Such great ideas that I will for sure be using! xx

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Decorating a bookshelf

Anything looks better as a collection,grouping a collection together gives it emphasis. Gather up your treasures around the house and mass them for a stunning display.(also„works well as bookends to keep shelves neat.)

You can draw a painting each side of the bookcase. Also, you can attach photos or pictures

alternate stacking books horizontally and vertically.

decorative bookshelf with pixel icon„feature a pixel pattern on their spine. You just have to arrange the books in the right way to create pixel icons

hanging garland

Adding wallpaper or printed fabric to the back wall of shelves. 

Arrange Books by Color

hanging light

Slip magazine holders on open shelves to hold loose papers.Storage boxes conceal clutter and can be kept a neutral color to blend in. For a bolder look, cover boxes with printed paper. Use decorative containers and flea market finds to hold paintbrushes or pens and pencils.

hanging mini pom-pom

(Source: smallrooms)

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