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hypochromia: Can you show me some ideas for studio apartments ? Like 1 room apartments ? I love your blog, btw : )
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went2mars: A lot of people try to have the biggest of everything because they think it's the most aesthetically pleasing, but why do you think small rooms are much more appealing?

it takes a lot less time to clean and maintain..A lot of extra space in big houses are just collecting dust and it really is a waste if there is space that we barely use.

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Mobility in the time of flood::BKK,THAILAND

table boat

a diving suit for dog

Rubber boots, Rubber socks and plastic pant are the latest fashion craze in Bangkok during this flooding.

Volkswagen floating device

Shopping Cart Walkway

A man pushes dogs in a container through floodwaters in Bangkok. 

converts a bicycle into a water-tricycle

Water Bottle life jacket for Cats

a raft made of Plastic Tubs


Water Bottle Raft

PVC Car Snorkels

 People ride a modified “tuk-tuk,” 

Bottle Banana Boat

 uses stilts to walk through floodwaters in Bangkok

Homebuild Jetski = Oil Barrel + Garden Pump 

cargo tricycle

The portable toilet::cardboard boxes that resemble toilet seats with a hole lined by bio degradable plastic bags which can be disposed off without causing harm to the environment.

Flood Proof Plateau Shoes

a Cardboard Boat

a mattress raft

large plastic tub

Kid Wakeboard in Flooded 


Four pieces of thick foam have been attached to these mid-calf rubber boots to keep the wearer above water. 

credit:: kapookcnn , bangkokpost

(Source: smallrooms)

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