youcantcatchmeandmake-me-a-man: Hello, I loved the snow glob idea! :) I was just wondering...where would I get the anti rust sealant? At a craft store, er could I use clear finger nail polish? Thank you!

any craft store should hav it„,sure you can use clear finger nail polish„,This works for any item that has the potential to rust. Just paint the item with a coat or two of clear nail polish.„,(anti rust sealant offers protection far superior and lasts much longer though))) „,

I read another article where you don’t have to use distilled water with glycerine…just use baby oil so that the snow-flakes take a longer time to settle, due to the density of the oil.

ps”“sorry for late reply„,^^”

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ANSWER TO ❤ hopelezromance

3 beds in 1 room


A loft bed is an excellent piece of furniture as it is essentially a self-contained mini room within the room.

if you wanna Fit 3 beds into a room::Reduce the size of your beds

  • For a long narrow room::you can line up the bed/dresser combos three in a row as if in a dormitory.

    • For a square shaped room, you might arrange a bed on each wall creating a U shaped configuration.

    • For a very small bedroom, you can use a full-size/twin combination bunk bed putting 2 persons in one bed, and 1 person in the other.
    You can pair the bunk bed combo with single bed or armoires that have drawer space should you run out of room in the closets.
    • using furniture that is multifunctional„,for example::
    A futon provides a bed and sofa in one. This is a good option  for offices, dorm rooms, and small apartments with several roommates.

    Install a Murphy bed (beds pull out from the wall and provide full floor access when the bed is hidden in the wall.)
    i will post some more photos of a room with 3 beds for you„
    images::houz , mydeco ,

    (Source: smallrooms)

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