colddayscoldplaywithharry: Hi! I absolutely love your blog and I wanted to do the letters thing for my room but I dont know how to make the letters so perfect. They seem like printed right out of the computer :S How do I do that? Do I buy any special thing, like a letter pattern for the font that I want? And, I was wondering, with which materials can I make them? :) Thanks already!
  • get sticker letters : they are at the dollar general and they look great but i would get more than 1 sheet if your gonna write quotes
  • Buy paint pens. They look, and write, just like a pen, but they are paint.
  • Stencil wall lettering
  • Vinyl wall lettering (can easily be removed without any damage to your walls.)
  • you can either order custom or pre-made vinyl lettering online or create your own using your computer.
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inlovewiththethoughtofhappiness: I love your theme! Can I steal it?
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❤ Hello~all Followers„,well„,2 days ago„the flood hit my now staying at Royal Thai Navy base in’s an evacuation centers offers shelter to 500 flood victims..this place’s very far away from city…and the internet signal is driving me crazy!!!! take like forever!!!anyway„hope everyone is doin’ well„,^^„,still„,feel free to ask me anything but pls understand if I don’t respond right away

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